Dear CSL it’s too late to close the barn door as the horse has already bolted

The Star reports on the ex-Health Minister expressing concern about the glut of junior doctors

BIDOR: Many junior doctors lack clinical training opportunities due to an oversupply of medical practitioners, said MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.
Citing a district hospital with about 400 beds and 180 doctors as an example, he said the doctors would not be able to get adequate opportunities for their clinical training.
“Clinical training and experience are very important for doctors.
“The lack of it will have serious repercussions on their abilities,” said Dr Chua.
He added that there were more than 300 recognised universities for medicine and about 4,000 medical graduates from local and foreign universities joining the workforce yearly.
He said those who were not offered medicine at public universities should be given science-related courses instead.

I am sure the situation was already well known to CSL when he was health Minister, as there was already concern about the glut of local medical schools churning out medical graduates as well the the large number studying abroad. The current glut did not suddenly occur overnight, and it was a result of mushrooming of medical schools over the past years, especially private ones, some might say which is big business today. In fact I recall a speech by another ex-Health Minister CJM, who hinted it was the Government’s intention to churn out medical graduates to “flood the market”. So perhaps it was planned (mis-planned) all along?

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  1. My relative who needed a transfusion was poked by 5 H.Os and none could get into the vein.