MMC: Minimum Criteria and Qualifications for entry into a medical school

medical school

Thinking of medicine as a career? Wondering which medical school to go to? (if in Malaysia, check out our list of Malaysian Medical Schools)

Did you know that the MMC (Malaysian Medical Council), the body in Malaysia which is responsible for recognising medical qualifications and indeed the guardian of medical professional standards in this country, has set Minimum Criteria and Qualifications for entry into any medical programme?

The requirements were recently revised on 30 July 2013 and you can view/download it from the MMC website (PDF format)

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An important thing to note that is in the last line it implies that the criteria are also required for applicants for the Medical Qualifying Examination which is the exam medical students from unrecognised medical schools have to sit and pass if they wish to work as doctors in Malaysia.

Hat tip to Dr. Pagavalan


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