Most house officers want more training

Excellent letter to the NST by a young specialist

To those who have been criticising our training system, have you ever stopped and wondered whom this actually benefits?
Many house officers have approached me and mentioned that they much prefer the previous “on call” system. They felt more competent as they were doing and learning much more.
Certain hospitals still lack sufficient house officers to implement the guidelines on housemen training by the Health Ministry and have resorted to
adjusting the hours to suit their practical needs.
These hospitals are now receiving public bashing in the press.
I appeal to the general public and politicians. Please let us do our job. You are making it impossible for us to work and care for our patients.
Finally I quote Dr Andre Das, “I must salute the specialist and medical officers who are much fewer in number compared with housemen. They are the true professionals and they are the ones bearing the responsibility for the housemen on top of their main duty: taking care of patients.”

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