The Health Minister on 1Care (part 2)

We refer to the original blog post The Health Minister on 1Care whereby we highlighted the speech given by the Health Minister to the American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce in April 2010. The direct link to speech is not longer working properly for us at this point in time. If you click on it, it is in internet parlance now a 404, or file not found. I notice though if you go to the MOH blog and click on Archives, and then drill down to April 2010, you might still be able to access it (it’s right at the bottom of the April 2010 archives). I am not sure why one cannot link to the speech directly, perhaps it is just an inadvertent misconfiguration on the part of the webmaster or just a temporary glitch on the MOH website.

Nevertheless, one thing about the Internet is that it is printed in indelible ink. If the speech is ever permanently deleted from the MOH website, Google Cache has a copy of the speech here. If that ever goes away, we have saved a PDF copy here.

The relevance of the speech is that it is a public record that back in 2010, the Health Minister detailed out the proposals by the MOH for healthcare transformation called 1Care. No one is against change, and any change for the better is a good thing. Healthcare transformation is change but we need to see transparency on the part of the Government in order to judge what change is in store for the rakyat. The MOH Healthcare Transformation Roadshows are a good start and we hope the MOH will keep it up.

Addendum: as of 9am 24 April 2012, the link is now working.


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