Warning: you study medicine in an unrecognised medical school at your own peril

If your desire to be a doctor is that strong, then you should strive by all means to get into a recognised medical school. If you graduate from an unrecognised medical school in the MMC’s unscheduled colleges list, then in order to practice medicine in Malaysia, you first have to pass the MQE (Medical Qualifying Examination) before you can even start Housemanship. Now the MQE itself is not a difficult examination, as it is designed to be similar to the final year examination for local medical students. I have sat in some MQEs in the past and can say the standard of some candidates is really atrocious which makes one wonder what what sort of training the medical school has provided for these very weak candidates. Now if MQE candidates are attached to some hospital, I would think one wouldn’t expect already overworked lecturers to re-train them unless you are attending some paid teaching course. If you fail the MQE, then in my opinion it reflects badly on yourself if you blame anyone other than yourself.

I refer to this Borneo post article, 3 medical graduates chide lecturers of UKM Hospital

KUCHING: Three medical graduates of Shanghai Jiaotong University yesterday blasted several lecturers of UKM Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, for treating them shabbily, and which led to their failure in the Medical Qualifying Examination (MQE).
Passing the MQE would have enabled them to practise in Malaysia.
John Hii, who graduated in 2008, Steven Wong (2010), and Kong Ing Hui (2010), claimed there were no standard procedures in the hospital.
The hospital too treated them as “final-year medical students” despite the fact that they had medical degrees from China.
“We were not given the time to learn enough to sit for the exam. Whenever we come across any problems, our lecturers do not guide us. Instead of telling us how to solve the problem, they merely said we have done it wrong,” Kong told a news conference at SUPP headquarters here yesterday.
He went on to charge that the MQE was not conducted in a fair manner. The trio sat for the exam last year, but all failed.
They blamed some lecturers of the hospital for being unwilling to teach them, and that different lecturers had different teaching methodologies which were confusing.
“There are not enough lecturers for students. In some wards, medical students are left on their own. Lecturers do not teach at all,” claimed the trio in a written memo to SUPP secretary-general Prof Dr Sim Kui Hian, who was also present.
Hence, they requested the authorities concerned to exempt them from sitting for MQE so that they could be attached to a hospital in Sarawak or Malaysia.

Exempt them? I think not. We are not talking about becoming a kolo mee seller but we are talking about becoming a doctor and patients’ lives are at stake here. Fellows, just study hard and try again like all the rest okay? All the best.


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11 Comments on “Warning: you study medicine in an unrecognised medical school at your own peril

  1. The fact that these “doctors” submitted a complain like this reflects on their attitudes towards healthcare as a whole. If they were not failed on their clinical skills, then they should certainly be failed on their lack of professionalism, IMHO.

  2. Well, to be fair to these 3 fellas, I think the best way is to set up an independent committee to assess them separately. The committee will have lecturers and consultants from both public and private sectors. If all unanimously fail them, then we can prove to the whole world that they do not deserve to be doctors.

  3. The onus is on them to proof that they are the safe doctors who can communicate and reasonable diagnose and manage medical cases in Malaysia NOT China. The local lecturers or clinician have no responsibilities nor being paid to teach them again the basic knowledge.

  4. This is a racial examination whereby 95% of a perticular race testing the 95% of a another race.
    The examiners are half-cooked doctors with racial prejudices. If they were ask to sit for the nuetral examination like USML,Plab or Australian exam they will fail miserably.
    Let the students of the recognised university sit for the MQA examination. Why the government dont want to. Even a stupid person knows the answer

  5. do you think that the recognised university(abroad) could pass the MQE exam/s as well if they have to do so?

  6. Its easy for the ones who have everything handed on a golden platter to critisize the less fortunate ones.The MQE is uber biased and definitely heading into the path favouring ‘racism’ – its the unspoken truth & everyone’s well aware of it!Why don’t the recognised ones be subjected to the MQE as well?For the record, the local grads make the worst doctors in today’s health service and you put the blame on the ones graduating from abroad and unrecognised varsities.I can vouch as a member of the public the knowledge & passion these local grads have for medicine in hospitals – its a sorry state of affairs!Unfortunately, this country and its system continue to support those who make up the majority quota and not those who are deserving regardless of cast,creed or religion.

  7. With mushrooming of medical schools locally and the number of recognised medical schools abroad keep growing, there should be no graduates from any of the unrecognised medicals schools. This means they are either ignorant when they got enrolled by the recurring agent or their academic performance was so bad that they can’t even qualified for any of these local private medical schools. So it is no surprise that majority will fail the exam. The good one will usually pass in the first attempt.

  8. there are/were JPA sponsored students who were sent to the unrecognised university( eg. Japan ) who came back and didnt pass the MQE…so does this means that the SELECTED students were having bad results but accidentally got the JPA scholarship/loan..or the Japanese ‘Medical Exam’ was easy for the ‘kolo mee seller’ to pass the examination??

  9. as everybody knows..nowadays its really easy to enroll in any of the local private medical schools if you have the amount of money to pay the tuition fees.

  10. there are 3 unrecognised universities in Ukraine which now collaborating with Lincoln College to conduct the offshore programme but wouldnt have to sit for MQE exam/s once they come back..reasons were given that the 3 unrecognised universities are using the ‘Lincoln’s or whatsoever’ ‘academic plans’ and yet the duration of the course is 6 years..which is the same duration for anyone who are studying there..isnt it suppose to be a 5 years course if they are using the ‘Lincoln’s or whatsoever’ ‘academic plans’??

  11. For fair, every1 sit for the MQE, regardless local graduates or oversea graduates……
    Strike out the 2nd schedule , every doctor have to sit for the MQE if he/she wan to work in Malaysia.