Subspecialist training in MOH: New Rules and Regulations

via Dr. Pagavalan

The official circular on subspeciality training in MOH is finally out. I have mentioned most of it over the last few months but finally it is official. From January 2013 intake onwards, subspeciality training will be done exactly how the Master’s application process is done. MOH will advertise on the application and due date. You need to fill up the application forms and send together with some relevant documents to MOH within the stipulated timeframe. The circular attached below have all the rules and regulations

Download circular

Dr. Pagavalan adds:

… you now need at least 85% SKT marks for the last 3 years and atleast 2 years postgazettment training except for some subspeciality. Preference will be given for those who have done rural postings and publish papers. The circular also mentions about the bonding period and the amount that you have to pay if you resign early as what I have mentioned before in my blog. One good thing is the fact that they are giving partial scholarship for your training locally of 2 years and full scholarship for the last 1 year overseas training. The bond will be 4-6 years depending on whether you do everything locally or part overseas. Also remember that if you quit subspeciality training halfway, you still need to pay the bond

Looks like it’s getting tougher and tougher with all the conditions set.


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  1. Fair enough. For those who are willing ti serve they will be given the opportunity not trained and run away!