Free clinic or practice website for Malaysian doctors

We are pleased to announce a free service for Malaysian doctors. If you do not yet have a website for your clinic or practice, you can now get one from the MMR Clinic Websites service

– easy to use, WordPress powered
– users have Admin control over their own website
– choose from multiple medical themes (over 20) to customise your website
– more than one user can run a single website (e.g. for Group practice)
– your site will be linked from the network for increased prominence
– it’s free!

In order to qualify for one, you have to:
1) be a bonafide Malaysian medical doctor
2) have a clinic or hospital based practice in Malaysia
3) be a member of Dobbs, the free but exclusive doctors only community for Malaysian doctors.
For information on how to get your free practice website, login to Dobbs and see this page

For a demo on what a typical website created looks like, you can click here. The sites are highly customisable and you have over 20 themes to choose from.

In this day and age, people are searching for information online, and it is vital that doctors maintain an Internet presence. Having a clinic website goes a long way towards this as you can place information like your clinic address, contact numbers, email, feedback forms, service details, patient education informaion etc. on the site.
Here are some articles for you to peruse on the importance of an Internet presence:
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2 Comments on “Free clinic or practice website for Malaysian doctors

  1. Hi Palmdoc, great idea.
    Can I carry it one step further. Get 2-3 cardiologist of some seniority ( more than 5 years is a good start ), to read ECGs for GPs. It is not for profit. Solely for patient care and for legacy. Also NOT medically liable, as the primary GP must decide to accept the report or not.
    They must commit to checking your website, 3x a day.
    You can also blind the cardiologist to the GP to prevent abuse.
    I will be happy to lead if you wish, to get started.
    A few is better to prevent monopoly and conflict, and provide better service.
    From ECG, we can branch to a full virtual cardiac consult service. Let us just start with ECGs.
    Just an idea.

  2. Good idea SC. If it is related to patient care, I think it’s better if in a closed site like Dobbs.
    We already have Case Discussions and a Doc2Doc Group where the ECGs could go. Aside from you there are at least 4 other Cardiologists in Dobbs so we could get something going.