Last respects to Malaysia’s first silent mentors

The Star reports on Doctors and loved ones pay their last respects to Malaysia’s first silent mentors

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s first pair of donated cadavers were given a grand send off by their loved ones and the doctors who practised on them at the University Malaya Medical Centre.
Cancer patients Lim Kian, 67, and Low Siew Yeok, 47, had pledged their bodies to science in order to help doctors save other patients.
But more than just teaching surgical skills, “Silent Mentors” Lim and Low taught the doctors precious humanistic values.
The Silent Mentor programme, announced by Universiti Malaya in March this year, is based on the Taiwanese Tzu Chi University’s programme with the same name where members of the public may pledge their bodies to be used for medical training and research after their death.
Cadavers are used for a three-day workshop, after which they will be cremated and the remains placed at a memorial hall.

A very commendable and noble act by by both the donors and the doctors. This was mentioned back in our March 2012 post Donate your body to science. It may inspire more to do the same.


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