Medical Act Amendment 2012

BFM Radio has a podcast interview with Milton Lum, past-president of the MMA on the amendments to the Medical Act 1971 which were recently passed in Parliament

Recently, the Medical Amendment Bill 2012 was passed in Parliament, which is aimed at strengthening and regulating the medical profession. However, critics are questioning whether the amendments have negative implications for the medical profession and medical education in Malaysia.
Dr Milton Lum, past president of the Federation of Private Medical Practitioners Malaysia and former president of the Malaysian Medical Association, gives his take on the pros and cons of the amendments in the following interview. He also highlights the need for the governmental bodies overseeing the accreditation of medical education in Malaysia to be clear cut in their roles and not allow confusion to affect the standard of medical education and the medical profession in the country.

Listen to the Podcast (MP3)

This topic is being discussed by Malaysian doctors in the Dobbs forum here (access only for registered members of Dobbs, registration is free if you are a Malaysian doctor – application form in the Welcome page). A PDF file with the amendments to the Medical Act has also been uploaded to Dobbs (link is in the same discussion thread)

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