Targeting Cancer: The Story of Leukemia

Nice video from the NEJM

The biggest challenge nowadays is juggling with the cost implications of such modern diagnostics and therapy. What to use in your practice and what gives you the best bang for the buck.
When it comes to targetted treatment like the tyrosine kinase inhibitors for Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia, the cost is in the region of RM10,000-15,000 per month. The second generation drugs are even more effective but needless to say more expensive.
Drug toxicity has moved from traditional adverse effects to “economic toxicity”
While there are special subsidy programmes (e.g. GIPAP/NOA and MyPAP) to help patients with the economic burden, it nevertheless is still a burden. While the news is of billion dollar healthcare IPOs and what not, the real question we need to ask is that how will the financing of such expensive illnesses be for Malaysians? Will the so-called “Healthcare transformation” have adequate resources for all patients or will there be quotas? Will we ever see a universal/national insurance healthcare plan which will cover everyone for expensive chronic illnesses?


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