Dobbs weekend update

The MMR maintains a forum for Malaysian doctors, the Doctors Only Bulletin Board System (fondly known as Dobbs). Registration in this site is free for all Malaysian doctors.

Here are some current topics from the Forums which might interest you:

1) First of all some sad news as we announced the passing of a colleague, Prof Rokiah Pendek, Consultant Endocrinologist at UMMC. She will be well and truly missed.

2) As the Olympics heats up, more Dobbers continue to talk about the biggest sporting event this year:

3) A Dobber asked about the use of Statins in a patient who is a Hepatitis B carrier. Is this OK or contraindicated? Physicians and cardiologists chip in to give their expert views:

4) Our intrepid Head and Neck surgeon @UKDoc continues to fascinate us with more Head and Neck cases of the day:

5) Are you a coffee lover? Dobber @yongcc asked about this Nestle coffee machine:

There are plenty more active discussion threads, just check out the Main forum listing here:

and now for some updates to Dobbs itself:

1) We have utilised Dobbs Events management function to compile and consolidate important upcoming meetings.
The main Events page is accessible from the Top menu and comes complete with Search functions:

2) Your Profile page (accessible by clicking on your Avatar, or via[yourusername]/profile/) now has a Facebook link. Enter your Facebook profile URL and a Facebook icon will also appear in your Profile homepage at the top. This will facilitate Dobbers connecting to each other via Facebook as well.

If you have not updated your profile yet, please note that this will get you 200 additional bonus points which will go a long way towards the 250 points required for Member services such as the free clinic/practice website or fax-to-email service.

Have a great long weekend!!

~ Dobbs


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