When there is a glut of medical officers

The usual “supply and demand” rule of the market will apply. Previously, Government medical officers were enjoying a remarkable RM80/hour (considerably above the market locum doctor rates to the envy of private GPs) for extended OPD hours but now it seems, there may be a “shift system” for the MOs manning Government OPDs. As the doctors work in shifts, the question of “overtime” allowance does not arise, saving the Government money. Pagavalan has blogged about the news. It allegedly is a pilot project which may be extended to other Government clinics in the future.
Is it “harrassment” for the Government doctors?
Hello… the GPs have been doing this all along with clinic hours going into the night and 24 hour clinics as well. Like the HOs, shift duty is coming to the MOs since the supply of MOs is less of a problem and will continue to be so in the future.
I guess the way for the Government MOs to earn more now is to do private locums outside their shift duty hours – and at market rates.
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2 Comments on “When there is a glut of medical officers

  1. It is not fair to compare KK MOs with the GPs.

    1. GPs are employers, while KK MOs are employees. How to compare? Generally, GPs earn more than KK MOs because of long working hours. Therefore, if a KK MO is required to work longer hours, extra hour pay is definitely needed. Although it may not be as high as RM80/hr, who wants to work without pay? Not even GPs.

    2. Working load in some KK are so much heavier than doing locum at private. Therefore, the locum pay in KK need to be higher. Some busy private clinic pay up to RM55/hr, some not so busy pay RM30/hr. There is no market rate, the rate is based on the workload. If you calculate, a senior UD44 MO only gets RM29/hour for their office hour work. They are still underpaid.

  2. You can’t compare in this way. This is about supply and demand. Currently the supply of doctor in public sector is not a problem so naturally the gov has to do something to reduce the operation cost in order to save he tax payer money. You still get your compensation though is not in the monetary form but compensate time off or leave. If you are not satisfy, you are most welcome to join the GP but whether it works for you or not, it is another issue. For this I think the gov did the right thing from the tax payer point of view.