The Virgin Coconut Oil Controversy

A recent report in the Star has it that Virgin Coconut Oil is getting more popular due to “miracle claims”

PETALING JAYA: Increasing demand for virgin coconut oil (VCO) as a health supplement and “cure” for Alzheimer’s disease has helped to revive the local coconut industry.
Local manufacturers and distributors said that while there had always been a sizeable local market for the product, recent YouTube videos depicting the oil’s use in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases had increased its popularity.

I believe it has arisen from videos such as this:

A word of caution though:

However, doctors do not advise their patients to rely solely on VCO.
“Patients should not go overboard. VCO’s market price will increase with demand and people should not assume that the costlier a product is, the higher the chances of it to work wonders,” said Hospital Kuala Lumpur’s head of general medicine Datuk Dr Jeyaindran Sinnadurai.

The issue is lack of clinical studies to support the claims.
Doctors may be interested to discuss this further in Dobbs, the doctors only forum (registration is free for bonafide Malaysian doctors)


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