Dubious genetic testing

I recently came across a salesperson pushing “nutrigenomics” which is basically testing one’s “dna profile” and then recommending nutritional supplements. Is this of any proven benefit? It’s highly dubious at best and a modern scam at the worst.

Before you (as a consumer or medical practitioner) plunge into this grey area, do read:

Dubious Genetic Testing

The Bottom Line

Genetic testing to identify alleged risk factors that have no proven corrective measures is simply a waste of money. As noted by Helen Wallace, Ph.D., Deputy Director of GeneWatch UK: “For most people, tailoring your diet to your genetic make-up is about as scientific as tailoring your diet to your star sign.” GeneWatch has also expressed concern that without proper regulation, genetic testing could be used to expand the drug market to healthy people identified as at high genetic risk; many people could receive unnecessary medication and suffer the associated side effects, and the underlying causes of heart disease, cancer, obesity, adult-onset diabetes, and other diseases could be ignored, with serious implications for future health


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