Google saved a Malaysian doctor’s thumbs

Noticed this trackback from the Greener Pasture blog, Blessed Google – Part 1. He was dealing with a patient with a dislocated jaw following tonsillectomy.

The doctor, despite having done several hundreds of tonsillectomy, has no experience dealing with this complication. He knew in theory that he should reduce the joint by pressing the jaw downwards and backwards, but having not seen it done before, and not having any more experience doctors around him at that time, he decided to do some Googling.
He typed in “How to reduce TMJ dislocation”, and lo and behold, first on the search results is this website. The most important infomation he learned from the website:

Try not to get your thumbs bitten when the jaw snaps back into position.

I agree. I can’t count the number of times when Google has saved the day.
But there is an art to searching. Technology can be misused. According to the old computer adage, it’s “garbage in garbage out”.

funny pic

So do learn how to use Google effectively. There are plenty of help sites on how to use Google. Just Google for it!

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