Have interesting health related news items or tips – share them!

While blogging is the traditional way to highlight interesting health tidbits, sharing these as you come across them is easier using modern social networking sharing tools.
Our Malaysian Medicine forums Health News and Tips group is just the place for you to share any interesting links or even videos and images that you come across.
You can read the update stream in your browser or if you like, put the RSS feed in your RSS reader.

If you join the Malaysian Medicine forum, as a community member, you can contribute to this update stream and posting links is very easy. Here’s how:

The What’s new box is where you post the updates. The blank box is where you can type in your thoughts, which may be a brief description of the link you are sharing. There are handy tools for you to share images, videos or links just below the text box

The steps are then
1. Type in your description
2. Paste the link url, Preview it to make sure it looks nice
3. Hit the Add link button

That’s it!
You can actually share stuff in any of the many Groups that we have, not just the Health news and tips section. Please bear in mind Malaysian Medicine is a doctor moderated community to ensure that what is shared is not some scam, marketing link or commercial promotion. So do share responsibly and adhere to the site Terms of Use.

Now what if you want to share what you posted or anything interesting you come across in the Malaysian Medicine forums further? There is a handy Share button with which you can use to share the item further on any social network – e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Googleplus, Linked in or by Email

Do join in and share away!


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