Working overseas – will you now return to Malaysia?

Are you a Malaysian doctor working abroad, part of the considerable highly skilled Malaysian diaspora? You may have heard of Talentcorp’s Returning Expert Programme

Our country needs your help and support to become a high income nation by 2020. There’s no better time than now to return home. With initiatives like Returning Expert Programme (REP) in place, it is now easier than ever to plan your homecoming.REP was launched to facilitate the return of Malaysian professionals from overseas with the objectives of overcoming the shortage of professional and technical expertise in the country, and creating a world-class workforce in Malaysia, especially in the context of the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). The REP is constantly being improved to meet the needs of Malaysian expats

There is some discussion in the Dobbs forum on how successful the Talentcorp REP has been in attracting Malaysian doctors to return. If you have gone this route, we would be very happy to hear your experiences and hope you can share them either here or in the private Dobbs forum if you wish.


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