Dobbs update

The MMR maintains a forum for Malaysian doctors, the Doctors Only Bulletin Board System (fondly known as Dobbs). Registration in this site is free for all Malaysian doctors.

First thing is to announce the winners of Dobbs contest #2
Congrats @sonar @chitchoa and @songwl !!
The top prize for this contest is a 500 Gb External HDD which goes to @sonar for getting all questions correct.

Recent discussions of note:

The shock of the week: Health Ministry’s D-G fined for committing khalwat

Contemplating SKYPE Consultations?

Thinking of working or migrating to Australia? All may not be so well according to the Global Petition Request
and one may get Lost In The Labyrinth

Some CME/Medical updates:
No Need to Fast Before Lipid Measurements, Study Suggests
Zapping Bacteria
Energy drink warning
No Benefit of Multivitamins for Preventing Cardiovascular Disease in Men
Updated Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of Strep Pharyngitis

Some things for the Tech minded Dobber:
Android MiniPC: SmartTV on a USB stick

Local updates:
1Malaysia Clinic – GPs invited to participate
and the Taknak1Care thread goes on and on

Existing Dobbers are reminded that they do not need to sign up again if you lost or forgotten your password – just click on the Lost password link

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