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Dobbs is the exclusive (and free!) forum for Malaysian doctors which we have maintained for 12 years now.

This is the latest update/newsletter:

Dear Dobber,

Greetings and a Gong Xi Fa Cai to all who are celebrating! This is our new look Newsletter which we’ll use periodically to update members on the goings on in Dobbs.

Dobbs and Facebook

For our new Dobbers, a friendly reminder on the new Facebook login feature – if you have a Facebook account, you can now login to Dobbs by clicking on the blue Login to Facebook button.

Login with FB

Do note that the email address you use with Facebook and Dobbs must be the same for this to work.  If it fails, you will be re-directed to the Dobbs registration page.

Also on Facebook, you may want to join our Facebook Group ,  – if you are not already a member of this group, please add yourself to the group. If you are already a member of the group, I’d appreciate if you could introduce Dobbs to your colleagues on Facebook by using the +Add people to the Group  feature as illustrated in the picture:

add to Dobbs FB

The Dobbs Facebook group will feature updated and new postings from the Dobbs forum so if you click on these it will take you directly to the relevant discussion thread. One needs to be a member of Dobbs in order to view the thread so one also needs to be a registered member of Dobbs. The Facebook group will however provide the notifications which Facebook users get.
Not all Dobbers are on Facebook – in fact many aren’t – since some may have reservation about joining Facebook, so Dobbs is a platform whereby all Malaysian doctors can interact privately in an exclusive community without fear of your private data going out to other parties.

New feature – Live Chat

If you’ve been in the forum for a while, we previously tried out a Live Shoutbox in the sidebar but some forummers noticed slower loading times for the site so I have disabled it but now have implemented another Live Chat feature to enable real-time conversations between Dobbers. The chat box is tucked away at the bottom right of the screen and all you have to do is click on it join in the chat.

Dobbs chat

What’s new in the forum

Here are some new or updated posts which may interest you in case you have not logged in to Dobbs lately:
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A guide to giving Ang Pows

Well that’s it for now. I hope everyone had a good long weekend break and have a great working week ahead!

Existing Dobbers are reminded that they do not need to sign up again if you lost or forgotten your password – just click on the Lost password link login.php?action=lostpassword
(or simply Login with Facebook if you have a Facebook account!)

Warmest regards,




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