1Malaysia clinics part II

We have added the location of 1Malaysia clinics as a link directly to the MOH website under the Public sector section in the top menu (I am not sure why the link in the MOH page has the words “health_labs” in the URL)
The provision of cheap healthcare to the poor and needy is a laudable move by the Government. However if one were to see ads on 1Malaysia clinics such as this,


one may think that these clinics are run by medical doctors but the truth is these are small health centres run by medical assistants and nurses and provide only pretty basic care. The distinction is important as valuable time may be lost in seeking care at the wrong place e.g. the unfortunate patient with chest pains who went to a 1Malaysia clinic as in the post
What’s the point of having 1Malaysia “clinics”?
It’s also the location of the clinics which does not make sense – densely populated areas where there are already tons of clinics? Money may be better spent roping in existing GP clinics in these areas and providing subsidised care to the truly needy. This way the Government need not have to cannibalise staff and equipment just to build and run these 1Malaysia clinics. Perhaps the focus should be in the more rural areas and where there are no or few clinics accessible to the people.


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3 Comments on “1Malaysia clinics part II

  1. According to reliable source, MO’s will very soon be placed in all the 1M clinics. Now it’s the transitional phase (but a dangerous one too!).

  2. It’s not a surprising development given the glut of junior doctors and only a matter of time I suppose. However perhaps the setting up of so many 1Malaysia clinics not manned by doctors is a premature move in view of the confusion of who is supposed to run clinics (one rule for the public sector and another for the private)

  3. I agree with you on that. A little too rush. But due to political pressure, I supposed, they have made such half-baked decision.