The Dobbs FB Group

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Dobbs is the free and exclusive Internet based forum for Malaysian doctors. It was first formed in 2000 and today is a modern online forum with social networking features. The link to Dobbs is and is also linked here under the Professional section in the top menu of the New Malaysian Medical Resources.
If you are on Facebook, you may be interested to join the Dobbs Facebook Group. This is a closed group so approval or an invitation is required to join but it gives members a preview of what postings are new or updated in Dobbs. It also provides Dobbers with a Facebook notification system.
Note that the Dobbs Facebook group only provides the link to the ongoing discussion thread in Dobbs. You still need to login to Dobbs to view the thread.
Tip: to avoid having to see the login each time you click on a link, check the “Remember me” box in the login dialogue.

If you are a member of the Dobbs Facebook group, joining the Dobbs forum proper can be as easy as just providing your preferred username and email address to Palmdoc.


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