Health tips for coping with the haze II


Folks down south – Singaporeans and Johoreans – are facing the brunt of the haze at the moment with APIs exceeding a hazardous 400 in some places. Here’s a sensible video providing health guidance coping with the haze.

I still see people using ordinary face masks – these aren’t of any use filtering particulate matter due to the haze. Things were very bad in the Klang Valley in 2005, when the API hit 400 in Klang. Here’s an MMR post then which tells you how to Use the correct masks. You should also perform a check to see if the mask is worn properly with the correct tightness to maintain a seal.

To perform a user seal check on a 3M non-valved, cup shaped disposable respirator, place both hands completely over the respirator and exhale. The respirator should bulge slightly. If air leaks between the face and the faceseal of the respirator reposition it and readjust the nose clip for a more secure seal. If air leaks around the respirator edges, adjust the position on the face and the straps along the sides of the head and recheck fit. If a proper fit cannot be achieved, do not enter the area requiring respiratory protection. See specific product user instructions for the most current user seal check/fit check instructions.

Imagine after so many years, the haze problem keeps returning. When will the leaders of the countries concerned develop the political will to act?


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