MQE at private medical schools cancelled

The MQE is the Medical Qualifying Examination which graduates from unrecognised Foreign Medical Schools have to sit if they want to practice in Malaysia.
According to the report in FMT Medical grads in limbo, want govt help there has been yet another change in policy regarding the MQE

There are some 450 jobless but qualified medical doctors in Malaysia from unrecognised universities abroad. Last year they were given a lifeline when the Malaysian Medical Council allowed them to sit for the Medical Qualifying Examination (MQE) at private medical universities. As a result more of these unscheduled doctors managed to pass MQE last year than previous years.
But their respite was short-lived when MMC suddenly cancelled this year’s MQE intake in private universities without any explanation.

Last year, we mentioned the Major Changes to the MQE when the then Health Minister Datuk Liow announced that the MQE would be available to 16 medical schools, public and private, whereas previously it was only in the 3 largest public medical schools in the country.
This must be a very recent change in policy as the MMC website still lists the 16 schools in their section on the MQE.

As we said and we say again, it’s not about numbers and not about passing examinations for the sake of “helping” anyone. It’s about maintaining standards. The MMC is the guardian of medical standards in the country and let there be no political interference!

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