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Dear Malaysian Doctors,

Dobbs is the pioneer Internet based community and forum for Malaysian doctors. Since it’s inception in 2000, we’ve grown steadily but surely and we currently have over 1500 registered users. Dobbs is free for all Malaysian doctors – whether you are working in Malaysia or working abroad – and it is a place to network with your colleagues, share news and views and even participate in CME.

How to join Dobbs

Just visit our Registration Page, fill in and submit your details and we’ll get back to you.

Dobbs and the Social Media

We are independent of any social media network so whether or not you are a Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter user, you can still use Dobbs.
We do however use some Social network features to make it easy for users e.g. we have a Login with Facebook button for registered users (caveat: your Dobbs email must be the same as your Facebook email) and we also have Share buttons for postings.
If you are on Facebook, you may want to join our Dobbs Facebook Group which has notifications on new and updated postings. You can then click through the updates to view the Dobbs postings (you still have to be a registered member in Dobbs in order to view the full posting threads)
If you are not a member of any Social network, don’t worry. We understand your concerns about privacy and as Dobbs is an independent system, you don’t have to worry about letting Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter know your personal details.

Dobbs and other Medical organisations

We aim to bring together all doctors from all Malaysian organisations including the MMA (Dobbs has a new MMA Forum) and FPMPAM, especially if the organisation does not have a working forum or online community. If you have a medical society, assocation or alumni and wish to have a section in Dobbs to cater for interaction and discussion just let us know and we can set it up for you.

Dobbs is the community for Malaysian Doctors by Malaysian Doctors.
Help Dobbs grow and please share the word.
The important links again:

Dobbs Registration Page
Dobbs Facebook Group Page

All the best,

Dr. Alan Teh


Malaysian physician, haematologist, blogger, web and tech enthusiast