The MMA gets on Facebook


About time I say! At last the MMA enters the era of the social network and has an Official Facebook Page. Via this Facebook page, the MMA can update members and the public with important announcements and press releases. The MMA can also engage Facebook users in an interactive way as you can message the MMA on their page.
Mind you, how useful the page eventually becomes depends on how diligently administrators of the page update and monitor the page for messages and reply accordingly.

Kudos to the MMA President Dato’Dr. NKS Tharmaseelan and team for setting up the MMA Facebook page.

We have updated our Doctors on Facebook Page with the addition of the link to the MMA Facebook page.

Do note that we support the MMA with a closed discussion group for doctors only in the Dobbs MMA Forum. Dobbs is the pioneer Internet based community for Malaysian doctors in existence since 2000. Membership in Dobbs is free to all Malaysian medical doctors. If you are not a member of Dobbs, you can Register Here.


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