Does anyone speak English at the Taman Desa Medical Centre? – a rebuttal

I was somewhat bemused reading Haris Ibrahim’s encounter with staff at TDMC : Does anyone speak English at the Taman Desa Medical Centre?

Yesterday, I made my way to Taman Desa Medical Centre (TDMC), hoping to have my right foot x-rayed to find out if there was indeed any fracture.
As it was my first time ever at TDMC, I headed straight to the registration counter.
And that is when the nightmare began.
A lady who appeared to be in her late 30s was ushered to the registration counter to attend to me.
In English, I explained to her this was my first time at TDMC and that I had injured my foot the night before and wanted it x-rayed.
Did I want to see a specialist or a medical officer, she asked, in Malay?
In English, I explained again that I wanted my right foot x-rayed, after which, maybe TDMC might advise whether I needed to see the specialist or the medical officer.

Let me explain in English to Haris Ibrahim : you’ve got it the wrong way round, brother. You should see a doctor first and then let the professional decide if an XRay is necessary. The radiology request form has to be filled in and signed by a medical doctor. Even if it’s obvious to you, it’s still a necessary step. If patients get to order their own tests, then we’ll be having a whole bunch of people insisting on MRIs of the brain for every headache or dizzy spell, and Xrays for every ache and pain in the body. While not applicable in Haris’ case, it could be an SYT who stubbed a toe and demanding an XRay but forgot or not aware she could be pregnant.

P.S. I hope your foot is better.


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