Featured site: MedicAtoZ


We’re excited to let you know about a brand new site MedicAtoZ which allows anyone to search for hospital information in Malaysia. This service fills in a much needed gap in the online resources sector particularly if you are looking up Malaysian hospitals. What I like about it is that you can search by Specialty and filter by State and District. The search results are fast and you can view basic information about the hospital like contact address, telephone numbers, location and operating hours. The database does not seem to be complete yet as information like email, website are not available in most cases but the developers have put in a “Build this website with us” option to help them make the database complete.

What seems to be unique about MedicAToZ is that for the first time in Malaysia you have a hospital “rating” system in the form of Likes. It seems the more number of Likes the gets displayed first in the listing when you search. Registered users can also comment and share their experiences.

The database is primarily geared towards private hospitals and medical centres but the developers plan to include clinics, government hospitals, doctor and drug search functions in the future.

It’s a good start and we hope that the database will be more comprehensive in the future and the search will have filters for clinics and hospitals, private vs public and also possible a location based search e.g. search for hospitals nearby (with the corresponding filters e.g. if you are looking for a hospital with orthopaedic facilities near where you are)

We’ve added MedicAToZ to our MMR Directory which lists links to information resources on hospitals, clinics and doctors in Malaysia.


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