Updated: Medical Schools Page


We’ve revamped our listing of Malaysian Medical Schools and we are now incorporating a database driven list complete not only with website links but also some basic contact information like telephone, fax, email and background information. There is a search box for you to filter the list by keywords including town or state.
The links total 32 Medical schools in all. Dr. Alex Tang blogged here, listing 35 medical schools in Malaysia (now you know why there is and will be a worsening glut of junior medical doctors). I could not locate enough information, including links, about the undergraduate medical courses for three from his list of 35 medical schools:
Universiti Malaysia Kelantan
KPJ University College
RCSI Trengganu
If anyone knows, please tell us

In the meantime I hope you like the new format. We shall be slowly incorporating more database driven links like these for our other sections in the MMR. Stay tuned!


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