Announcing the Malaysian Medical Locum Resources web site

Locum resources

We are launching a dedicated sister site to help Malaysian doctors publicise available jobs for doctors – either temporary locum jobs or permanent positions. Changes will be announced in this blog under the Locum category but new job listings should now go to

The site is designed to for anyone e.g. hospital or clinic managers to register (registration is automatic but spam moderated, and you can easily even login with your Facebook account and automatically register). Do note that the registration is separate from this site as well as Dobbs, the Malaysian Doctors Foruum, so you will have to re-register in this new site.
Registration is required only for those making a Job Submission
Otherwise, viewing the Job Listing is free and public.
Our aim is to make all our sites mobile friendly, and Locum Resources is no exception so you can view and use it with your Smartphone or Tablet – the device will be automatically detected.

We hope that Malaysian doctors will make use of this completely free service. So once again, if you need a locum, just think of visiting The permanent link to Locum Resources can be found in the MMR under the Directory or under the Professional section of the Top menu of the MMR.


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