Locum Resources update

Doctors wanted

The Locum Resources Listing has been updated with new jobs available and jobs wanted.

A note about changes to the Dobbs Locum Service:

Dobbs is the premier forum for Malaysian Doctors which we have been maintaining since 2000. There is a Locum service within Dobbs but we are now harmonising the locum service in Dobbs with the one in the Locum resources website.
To make it easy for Dobbers, we are maintaining the Job Submission form in Dobbs. All approved submissions will be posted in the Malaysian Locum Resources website so Dobbers do not have to separately register to list it there (one of the priviliges of being a Dobber!)

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Dobbs is the pioneer Internet based community and forum for Malaysian doctors. Since it’s inception in 2000, we’ve grown steadily but surely and we currently have over 1600 registered users. Dobbs is free for all Malaysian doctors – whether you are working in Malaysia or working abroad – and it is a place to network with your colleagues, share news and views and even participate in CME.

How to join Dobbs

Just visit our Registration Page, fill in and submit your details and we’ll get back to you.


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