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AM messaged us in our Facebook page:

Hello, appreciate if you can answer my questions regarding hypertension . Can a doctor diagnose hypertension when the patient’s bp is 111/80 (my knowledge is that this is still the normal blood pressure reading) . Which government department that i can seek for medical advice ? thanks

Thanks for your question AM. Normal Blood Pressure (BP) depends on the age of the individual. A reading of 111/80 is normal for an adult but is high for a young child.
This page lists the BP chart for children as a reference.
For adults, this chart illustrates the current accepted ranges of BP as defined as normal, borderline (pre-hypertension) and  raised (hypertension). The upper number is called the Systolic BP whereas the bottom number is called the Diastolic BP.

BP Chart

(source: American Heart Association)

Single elevated readings do not necessarily mean a diagnosis of hypertension. The readings should be consistently elevated over a period of time, usually measured over weeks, before a diagnosis of hypertension can be made.
There are plenty of useful sites on hypertension and the Malaysian Society of Hypertension and BloodpressureUK have recommended reading material.

You can visit the Outpatient department in your local Government hospital (see our Public hospital listing).


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