Malaysian Doctors Extraordinaire

doctors extraordinare

Borne out of this thread in Dobbs, the Malaysian Doctors forum, Dr Wu Lien Teh – a name all Malaysians should be proud of, I’ve been inspired to change the Profile picture of the Malaysian Medical Resources’ Facebook Page and hope to rotate it every week or two with a new personality. It would be nice if readers could make their suggestions either as a comment here or on our Facebook wall and we’ll try to accomodate.
There are some whom you may never have heard of but books like Dr. Ho Tak Ming’s Doctors Extraordinaire have chronicled their personalities and their mark in history for posterity.

excerpts via Google Books:

Some like in the book may have passed on, others remain living legends in our medical profession. All doctors extraordinaire and we should honor them. In our small way we can do so by highlighting them in our Facebook page and I hope we can inspire our younger generation to become not only excellent doctors but exemplary human beings.


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