Update: Doctor blogroll & tips for Housemen


We’ve updated our Doctors’ Blogroll with the addition of Housemanship Secrets Revealed in which Ahmad Aidil shares with you his experience, “giving out some tips and secrets on how to be successful during housemanship life”. We think it is a good effort and anything to encourage housemen during this trying time in their careers is commendable.
Speaking of tips for Housemen, we are reminded of a post which we made a couple of years ago, and still relevant today: House officer’s survival guide. I’ll repeat the tips here to save you clicking through the link.

The best way to prepare yourself for Housemanship is to :
1 ) Have the right attitude. Be humble. Just because you have an MBBS does not mean you can throw your weight around the wards now. HOs are still at the lowest of the low in the medical heirachy. Yes, you have to listen to everyone including the nursing sisters and even the ward attendants who know much more about how things run than you greenhorns.
2 ) Be prepared to work hard. This is a no-brainer. You knew that housemanship is going to be tough, right?
3 ) Be responsible. Do not shirk your duties. This is a serious sin and you are letting down your patients, possibly jeopardising lives and expect to be seriously disciplined (this is NOT the same as bullying)
4 ) Always ask or call for help if you are not sure or in trouble. Do not be a super hero, you are not one. You cannot lose here. Even if your MO is dumb, at least you get someone to share the blame.
5 ) Admit your ignorance and mistakes. Honesty is the best policy.
6 ) Don’t let the case summaries pile up. Work does not go away, it only accumulates.
7 ) Smile. Yes, despite the hardship, a smile will lighten those up around you – colleagues and patients. Always be courteous. Actions get a similar reaction and if you put on a sour face, don’t expect others to behave nicely towards you.
8 ) Learn and never stop enjoying accumulating knowledge. Housemanship is only part of a lifelong career in medicine. We all learn something everyday. If you can strive to just learn something new each day – be it a procedure a new medical fact – appreciate it, cherish it and there will never be a dull day.
9 ) Lastly, arm yourself with some tools – smartphones with medical references (especially drugs – never be caught with your pants or panties down not knowing dosages or interactions). If you don’t have a smartphone, get a cheap iPod Touch. Lots of iOS medical apps there to help you.

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