Update: Going Social and more


Astute readers of the site would have noticed we’ve changed the top navigation menu. Recognising the increasing influence and importance of the social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, we’ve decided to consolidate the comments and engagement model of this site. You’ll notice that commenting on posts is possible only if you have signed in to Facebook.

For discussion and sharing of links, we have retired our built-in forums and update/health tips page and henceforth shall now only use our MMR Facebook Page – do feel free to share an interesting link, ask a question or provide any feedback there by posting on our Facebook page’s wall. All our blog posts here will also be linked to our Facebook page. In addition, we shall select interesting Malaysian doctors’ sites or doctors’ blog posts to be shared as links on our Facebook page. If you are a Malaysian doctor with a site or blog not in our list, let us know and we’ll be happy to add you.
Don’t forget to Like our Facebook page if you want to be updated there.

If you are on Twitter, do follow our Twitter account which will tweet our posts, and in fact basically the same shares as our Facebook page, including Malaysian medical news.

We also have share options on our posts for other social media sites like Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin and Digg.

For MMR Network specific sites, please see the box on the upper right which links to our sister sites, especially Dobbs, the Malaysian Doctors site which in itself is a mini-Facebook solely for Malaysian doctors with complete privacy and I dare say more features than Facebook provides.

This is the age of the social media which has revolutionized the way we engage and inform each other. Share away!


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