Update: Malaysian Doctors Extraordinaire

We intend to update on a regular basis, a featured extraordinary Malaysian doctor, one who through his or her accomplishments has done something exceptional, beyond the normal call of duty. This can be any field within medicine or even outside of medicine.
His or her picture will grace the MMR Facebook page until the next one is chosen.

This week, our pick for Malaysian Doctor Extraordinaire is Tan Sri Prof Dr Thamboo John Danaraj , the founder Dean of Malaysia’s first medical school. In Testament to TJ he is aptly described as “renowned for being a formidable figure; a strict disciplinarian who demanded nothing but the best from his students and staff”. Indeed a formidable physician, medical educator extraordinaire and visionary.
Dr. Punna Wong has set up a web site, We stand on the shoulders of Giants, in honour of this great teacher. You can read Quotes from his students, Reminisces of teachings by a Great Teacher, and even download a free eBook: For the love of the Clinical Art: A Primer of Clinical Diagnosis which is a wonderful collection of very instructive clinical cases.

Prof Danaraj, we continue to be in awe and we salute you, as a true Giant of a doctor and teacher.


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