What ails our media columnists?


Sorry for the rant but it’s really tiresome to see random doctor bashing without any specifics in our trashy local media.
It seems some have nothing better to do than to write an “opinion piece” like What ails uncaring doctors? which appears to be nothing more than a cheap pot-shot at sullying the medical profession.
Is there any fact searching or research to show how prevalent this is or is he just cherry picking bad experiences (real or imagined) and posting this drivel in our local rags to get readership?

Like all professions, there will be good ones and bad ones – if you come across any of the latter, just avoid them. If you have any serious issues with doctors you can report them to the MMC (this is how to do so) but otherwise the basic advice is :
1. Don’t doctor shop.
2. Find a reliable GP/Family doctor and stick to him or her.
3. Seeking specialist consultation without first consulting your GP isn’t the wisest thing to do as you may be headed to the wrong specialist.

Of course if you don’t trust doctors at all, go DIY and believe me, Dr. Google is helpful only if you know what you are looking for. We have seen too many cases of Cyberchondria or misdiagnoses so leave it to the trained professionals.

I’d like to point out to you another post we made earlier:
So just how do you find a reliable doctor?


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