Feedback: Elder care support

Nicole writes in via our MMR Facebook Page (please do Like/Follow us thanks!)

Thanks for putting together this FB page with useful news updates and info. I’m searching for support groups in KL specifically for children caring for aging parents and was wondering if anyone at MMR might know of any. I visited the Elder Care Resources page on the MMR website but didn’t see anything posted about this topic. If you might be able to suggest any resources I’d very much appreciate it.

Thanks for your message and kind words Nicole. We put together the Elder Care Resources Page as we too are carers of our elderly parents and wanted to share what information we have.
We are however not aware of any support group specifically for children caring for their aging parents. It is a challenge I must say juggling work and and looking after old folks, not to mention quite a financial committment. We do so because they looked after us when we were young, and it is now our turn.
A Facebook group would be a good way for carers of elderly parents to share ideas and support each other. Our suggestion is why not start one? It’s quite easy to start a Facebook group – make it open and see how things go? We’ll be happy to publicise and highlight the group here in the MMR.


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