Feedback – looking for doctors


Mr BC wrote in and sounded rather disgusted (!)

Disappointing website
You don’t even have the facility to find names of registered doctors.
But you have a site to look for Indonesian, Vietnamese wives!! What a disgrace

Thank you for your feedback
We have linked the Malaysian medical registers (MMC and NSR) from our Directory here:
Use these sites to look up Malaysian doctors.
We do not run any doctor registry ourselves as this already comes under the MMC and NSR.

I don’t know what Vietnamese wives site you refer to – we certainly don’t have one – perhaps it was a random Google Ad displayed which might have confused you.
Please see our Usage and Disclaimer regarding our advertising policy
(P.S. We do not determine the nature of the ads displayed to you. These are determined by automatic scripts set by Google. Generally Google tries to display ads relevant to you, depending on your locality and perhaps sites you’ve visited in the past and your surfing habits)

We hope this clears up your confusion


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