An invitation to all Malaysian doctors


Dear colleagues,
I’d like to invite you to join DOBBS (which stands for Doctors Only Bulletin Board System), a Malaysian Doctors only Internet based community. We’ve been in existence since 2000, and now number over 2000 strong in membership.
The site features:
1) Discussion forums (feel free to browse the discussion topics here:  but viewing the actual discussion and participation is restricted to logged in members)
2) Facebook like Activity Wall (which is private and does not have the potential security problems that you have with Facebook)
3) CME section (including MMA CPD certified activity, MCQs, online streaming lectures)
4) Medical News and
5) an integrated Job Portal
Some of the pages are open and you are free to browse but much of Dobbs is exclusively for Malaysian medical doctors.
Joining Dobbs is free and all you have to do is to visit registration page here:
submit your details, and I’ll get right back to you
Dr. Alan Teh

Malaysian physician, haematologist, blogger, web and tech enthusiast