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Another Dobbs update for the week is going out to Dobbers as a bulletin

Here are the picks of the week from the forums:

GST is coming – update
Confused about the GST? @drngsc has written a great article on how the GST affects healthcare, and implications for doctors who run private clinics.

Cholesterol lowering – update
The thread continues with news that NICE has lowered the risk threshold.

Universal Form of Treatment Options
An interesting approach to the better management of patients with DNR orders.

Salma Ismail, first Malay woman doctor, dies at 95
Condolences to the family of Tan Sri Dr. Salma

 APC Online
For those trying to renew their APC online, the MMC website was down now up again. This thread shows you how to apply for the APC online.

Orthopod loses spinal surgery suit
Another one hits the news
An interesting conversation between a doctor and Drug Enforcement
Don’t miss this audio recording of a conversation between a GP and the drug enforcement team
Why you should be concerned about the TPPA

Picks of the week from the Activity Timeline

Dobbs realtime Chat group

Drug combo ‘game changer’ for drug-resistant TB

The true cost of an Office visit

Imagine if guns were legal in Malaysia

Move aside selfies, here comes the dronie

Dahl’s sign

Stable angina pectoris – to revascularise or not?

Heartwarming tales to restore your faith in our fellow countrymen

Your immune cells are experts at social networking

Great moments in Science – twitter humour

Lots more funny updates in the Humerus Timeline – check it out if you want some laughs

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Forum Tip of the week

Dobbs on your mobile
If you use a smartphone, you’ll realise Dobbs uses a cool mobile friendly theme. The menus are accessed by tapping on the menu icon on the upper right. You can access the various sections in Dobbs quickly this way. If you hit the Home icon on the upper left you access your personal dashboard (which includes the messaging section)

This video illustrates how it’s done:


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