Health insurance – reforms needed (IV)


The recent post in Dobbs Bernama Medical News about MTA saying working Malaysians needing more insurance coverage prompts me to make yet another call for Health insurance reforms in this country.

It’s not just working Malaysians but ALL Malaysians who need better insurance coverage. This sector needs to be revamped and regulated. The pressing needs are:

1) Force insurance companies NOT TO DENY Malaysians health insurance coverage on the excuse of having pre-existing illnesses or on the basis of age (i.e. being “too old”)

2) Make health insurance compulsory. If wearing seat belts or having road tax can be made compulsory in order for you to drive a car, why not health insurance for all Malaysians? The human tendency is not to do things (e.g. take insurance) which are necessary unless you enforce it. Malaysians often find out too late that they don’t have insurance only when they really need it.

3) Regulate premiums to make sure they are reasonable and competitive.

4) Regulate the claims sector to make sure the industry is not resorting to “delaying tactics” by purposefully denying claims or making claims difficult for consumers.

Of course the MTA wants to increase profits and income for their industry hence the call for more insurance coverage for working Malaysians. But what about the rest?

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