Feedback: query on JPA and bond

Prince Drey wrote in:

Dear MMR, I’m going to pursue MBBS locally at UM. I have some questions due to JPA bond, but I couldn’t find a way to contact JPA. I wish that MMR can helps to answer my query.
Currently, UM MBBS tuition fee is RM1280 per semester, while we have to study for minimum 10 semesters. According to my seniors, JPA will provide us about 11-13k per year, means that for 5 years time, we will have roughly RM60k of scholarship from JPA. We will sign the contract to work 10 years locally, we will need to pay RM250k if we break the contract.
My main concern is about specialize while serving the bond, until now, i can’t find anyone to answer me about that. I’m looking forward to be a surgeon in future. If I take JPA scholarship, does it mean that I can only pursue my master study after finished serving the bond? For the past, I know that there is no problem with that. But now, there are too many doctors. Will it affect our future?

It all depends on the terms and conditions of the bond but if I am not mistaken the bond period should cover post-graduate work as long as it is done locally. In case you don’t know, when you pursue a Masters course in the medical line, you are already WORKING. It’s not like studying in University all over again. If you work overseas, I am not sure if the bond is broken – for that you have to seek clarification with JPA.
Perhaps others can chip in.


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