APC fees going up by 6 times next year? (II)

Continuation from APC fees going up by 6 times next year?

As a recap, the MMC (now a corporatised body which requires funding to run), is proposing a revision of the APC and other fees in the form of a hefty increase of 600% from the current fees.
It has come to our attention that there is a template for a letter of appeal circulating amongst doctors and all doctors are encouraged to use this template and write in to the MMC to appeal the proposed increase in APC and other fees.

The template of the appeal letter is reproduced for your reference here:

You can also view the document in Word online:

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As one Dobber in the forum asks:

40,000 doctors x RM300 = RM12,000,000 annually.
How much does the MMC need to operate?


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