Are you a fresh medical graduate?


Recently, one of the members of our Doctors Facebook group, Dobbs FB, herself a fresh graduate asked:

Hello all Doctors,
What would you recommend us, the newly graduands to do during this long waiting period to be more prepared for our housemanship?
I don’t have a clue on what we are expected to know on starting work.

I suspect this is a common feeling amongst new graduates. The thought of doing housemanship would be somewhat intimidating. The waiting period for housemanship posting is also getting longer (see New docs may have to wait a year for housemanship) so perhaps the time could be spent getting better prepared for your Housemanship.
Many doctors have chipped in with useful suggestions for our young doctors, so if you are one, do head over to our Dobbs Facebook group and join the discussion. Please note that the group is only for doctors so look out for a message requesting verification as a medical doctor.
Be prepared for the arduous journey. Ill-prepared doctors could well join the ranks of the 1 in 5 who quit Housemanship.

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