How To Apply for Housemanship In Malaysia


Recently we came across an informative doctor blog (not many well maintained these days due to people indulging in Facebook but it goes to show how useful blog posts can be!): Random Indulgence. We’ve Blogrolled this in our collection of Malaysian Doctor Blogs. If you have a blog which you wish to include, please let us know.

Anyway, the blog in question has useful posts on how to apply for housemanship in Malaysia, which I think will be of interest to medical students and fresh medical graduates. Here are the links:

How To Apply (for) Housemanship In Malaysia Part (1) – MMC KKM

How To Apply (for) Housemanship In Malaysia Part (2) – SPA INTERVIEW

How To Apply (for) Housemanship In Malaysia Part (3) – EHOUSEMAN PTM

Well done for documenting the process!

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