High cost of medical care

medical cost

Cost of Medicine and medical care has escalated so much over the years. In the past, the medical field is partly charitable to help in healing. Only those who have no financial ambitions will go into the medical field. This includes the manufacture of medicine. Now it is becoming more commercial and the population is forced to spend so much more to receive treatment. However, making some profit is necessary and understandable but it should not become a lucrative trade.
In the past, drugs were so cheap that doctors sometimes did not even need to charge patient extra for them and just charge only their humble consultation fee. Now drugs are so expensive that some patients may not even be able to afford them. Manufacturing drugs has become a lucrative trade. Unlike in the past, now many drug firm owners are very rich, and even billionaires. Unfortunately nowadays, people are trying to make money in the drug trade since they are essential products and people need to spend on them. Prices of new drugs keep increasing instead of reducing unlike in the past where the drug price is reduced once it has been on the market for some time and has recovered the cost of research, etc in making it. Sadly, It is all so commercial now.
With regards to doctors, in the past only those who are really interested in medicine and are charitable and wanting to help heal people will take up medicine and not just to become rich but regretfully, it is certainly not the case now. In the past, admission to medical school is also very competitive and you need to have top scores in science to be selected. Students are also interviewed for their inclinations before being selected.

Dato’ Dr. Lee Yan San
(Past President, MMA and MMC Council member)

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