DOBBS Telegram Supergroup – the new era of messaging for doctors

Most of you would have heard of Whatsapp but have you heard of Telegram?
This is a fast rising messaging app with many more features than Whatsapp
We have incorporated this as a new exciting way for doctors to engage with colleagues simply because Telegram allows us to do much more:
– Supergroup size is now capped at 20,000 (compared with only 256 for Whatsapp)
– Minimal use of precious device storage. Telegram messages are stored in the cloud, and hardly takes up space on your phone. You don’t have to delete messages on Telegram just to “clear up space” like you do with Whatsapp
– Ability to install on devices other than a phone . Unlike Whataspp you can install native client apps on Tablets (Android and iPad) and even PCs (not just the web version)

The DOBBS Telegram Supergroup is fast growing but there is still space if you get on board now.
It is the only Malaysian doctor group which is strictly vetted by a registration process.
To sign up, which is completely free, please visit:

To get Telegram on a device of your choice, visit

See you on Telegram!