Register as a CPD Provider II – some FAQs

We’ve had some feedback on our earlier post Register as a CPD Provider
As compulsory CPD points for renewing your APC looms, it’s so important that your local hospital or professional society registers as a CPD provider with the MMA.
The MMA CPD points system is going to be crucial to this since your events/meetings/lectures are going to be attended by specialists, trainees, non-specialists, government and private doctors so all would want to have CPD points recorded. An event which has been approved as a CPD activity will more likely garner better attendance than once which hasn’t.

Here are some questions we received and replies to them:

1) Does the hospital need to register one time as CPD provider or do we need to register for every new event as a CPD provider?

A) Register once only as a CPD provider. Each CPD event has to be separately submitted

2) Does the hospital register as a whole for all specialities or does each speciality register as individual CPD provider. Would appreciate some clarification about it.

A) Best if one registration per hospital. Train one secretary or clerical staff to do the Event submissions. Each event can have one or more specialty tags

3) Do presenters and organisers get points?

A) Yes, Presenters also get extra points as per MMC CPD grading. Please note the Scanner only marks delegate attendance The portal upload has separate Excel uploads for delegates (scanned or not scanned doesn’t matter as duplicates will be discounted) , speaker and chairman.

Once your event is over, you cannot use the Scanner app to mark attendance (and get points for your attendees) but you can upload attendance and the best way to do this is to use the Excel upload method

1. Login to the CPD Provider portal
2. Click on Past events on the left, then click on the Attendance tab for the event you want to mark attendance

3. Then click on the Upload Excel button

4. If you have not done this before, you should click on Download for the Sample Excel file. The Excel structure and format must be strictly adhered too – NRIC must not have dashes and the date format must be exactly the same

5. You can then upload the Excel for Attendance. Note there are three attendance types – delegates who get normal CPD points for attending, speakers and organisers. So you should upload three Excel files with the corresponding information

CPD points will be assigned instantly once the upload is successful.