Calling all doctors and nurses – get Locum Apps now!


The time for slow and tedious methods of getting in touch with hospitals and clinics for locum jobs is now over!

Locum Apps was developed after months of research from doctors and nurses, telling us about their struggles in booking jobs consistently, having to submit their APC and MMC details over and over again to different hospitals and clinics which don’t always reply and importantly, sometimes having to go to unsafe location for a job.

We believed things should be more transparent. With Locum Apps, healthcare staff can book locum jobs faster, easier and safer.

The best part? Every hospital or clinic registered on the app pays a MINIMUM rate per hour (currently RM40 for doctors), which can go up if it is a peak time or if there aren’t enough staff working.


The app was launched on 6 May 2020 and to date, has paired locum doctors and nurses in jobs across Malaysia, from Pahang, to Kuala Lumpur and even in Johor.


As our team works hard to put together more jobs for you, all we ask for is your patience as we improve the app over time. That’s right – we’re not taking any fees or commission from the doctors and nurses we work with. This means that the app is COMPLETELY FREE.

What’s more?

Now healthcare staff can easily track where they have worked and how much they have earned in each place. This makes it easier for you to manage your finances as a healthcare staff! In addition, rather than have to constantly follow up with hospitals or clinics on your payment, we have got the solution for you. You will get paid every Thursday for all the jobs you work the week before.

To be part of this digital phenomenon, register now on Locum Apps!

Download the Locum Staff App and register your profile. Select the service type you are eligible for and when you receive the approval e-mail, you’re ready to start receiving notifications on jobs.

We can’t wait to see you online!


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The Locum Apps Team


Malaysian physician, haematologist, blogger, web and tech enthusiast