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Doctors, did you fail to get 20 CPD points? No APC for you?

In case you have been living under a rock, it is compulsory by LAW that you have to have 20 CPD points in the preceding CPD cycle year 1 July – 30 JUne (e.g. in 2019 when you apply for

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How to be a bone marrow donor

We were recently asked of this in our Facebook page The previous post on this is very old so here are the latest details, thanks to the IMR While there are no apparent links to the Malaysian Stem Cell Registry

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Malaysian GP practice in dire straits

This letter to the Star says it all Hundreds of GP clinics have closed in the past few years as such practices become financially unsustainable due to stifling regulations, chiefly due to unchanged regulated professional fees for 27 years, unreasonable